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Custom Water Jets and Pool Bubblers

Your Custom Water Jets and Bubblers Experts in Sterling, VA

At Residential Pool Service, we perform custom water jets & bubblers services in Sterling, VA. They offer you an unparalleled aquatic experience adding visual appeal. We recommend installation of these components because they transform your pool into a dynamic landscape of water movement and sound. Custom water jets propel streams of water into the pool, creating a visually stunning effect and adding a playful element for swimmers. Bubblers, on the other hand, produce gentle, bubbling streams of water, creating a soothing ambiance and a mesmerizing visual effect, especially when combined with lighting.

Installation Procedure

The installation of custom water jets and bubblers requires meticulous planning and execution.

  • assessment of your pool’s design and discussion about your vision and requirements
  • design of a layout that optimally places the jets and bubblers for aesthetic and functional excellence
  • installation to integrate the plumbing system with your pool’s circulation system
  • testing phase to guarantee that the jets and bubblers operate perfectly
Water jets and pool bubblers
Image of pool bubblers

Benefits of Custom Water Jets

Custom water jets suit the unique contours and style of your pool, offering versatility in their installation. We adjust them to control the water’s force, creating anything from a powerful spray to a gentle arc of water. In this way, you will get an amazing aesthetic and sensory experience of your pool.

Benefits of Bubblers

Pool bubblers, also known as gushers or bubblers, add a touch of whimsy and relaxation to your pool. We install them the shallow areas of the pool, such as sun shelves or steps, so that they create soft, upward streams of water that produce a calming sound and visual effect. Bubblers are particularly popular in family pools where children can enjoy the gentle fountains, and adults can appreciate the tranquil atmosphere they create.

Pool water features. Water jets, bubblers and scuppers

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Pool Company

Expert Design Consultation, and Durability and Reliability

Quality Installation

Expert Design Consultation, and Durability and Reliability
Technical Expertise, and Safety Compliance


Technical Expertise, and Safety Compliance
Support, and Innovative Solutions

Time and Cost Efficiency

Support, and Innovative Solutions

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Choosing our company for the installation of custom water jets and bubblers in Sterling VA ensures that your pool not only meets but exceeds your expectations. With professional expertise, we will transform your pool into a bespoke oasis of relaxation and fun, providing an enduring value to your home and lifestyle.