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and Surface Cleaning

Your Skimming and Surface Cleaning Experts

At Residential Pool Cleaning, we do professional skimming and surface cleaning in Sterling VA. Regular pool cleaning, including skimming, is crucial for maintaining a hygienic, safe, and inviting swimming environment. The main function of a pool skimming service is to remove debris, leaves, insects, and other floating contaminants from the pool’s surface before they sink and decompose.

Comprehensive Skimming and Surface Cleaning Procedure

Our skimming and surface cleaning procedure has a systematic approach. We inspect the pool area for any visible debris and remove it. Then, our pool technicians check the skimmer basket, emptying it of debris. Also, we use a telescopic pole to attach the pool skimmer net for manual skimming and move the net across the surface, targeting floating debris. Our staff cleans the waterline with a pool brush to prevent algae buildup and inspects and cleans the above ground pool skimmer, ensuring it’s free of obstructions.

Skimming and Surface Cleaning
Skimming and Surface Cleaning

Benefits of Pool Skimming and Surface Cleaning

We recommend timely skimming and surface cleaning because for crystal clear pool water. Pool skimming reduces the workload on your pool’s filtration system, extending its lifespan, and prevents algae and bacteria growth, ensuring a healthier swimming environment. We use an above ground pool skimmer to adapt to various pool types, offering flexibility in maintenance. Our technicians work with a pool skimmer net to efficiently remove larger debris and prevent damage to the liner and other components.

Maintaining and Choosing the Right Pool Skimmer

We suggest that regular maintenance is key to the effective operation of any pool skimmer. Our staff provides tips on keeping your skimmer in top condition, ensuring it continues to efficiently remove debris from your pool. Also, we help with selecting the right pool skimmer according to pool type, size, and your preference.

Skimming and Surface Cleaning

Types of pool skimmers We work with the following types of pool skimmers:

  • Manual Pool Skimmers
  • Automatic Pool Skimmers
  • In-Ground Pool Skimmers
  • Above-Ground Pool Skimmers
  • Robotic Pool Skimmers
  • Floating Pool Skimmers
  • Skimmer Baskets
  • Pre-Skimmer Systems
  • Solar-Powered Pool Skimmers
  • Suction-Side Pool Skimmers
  • Pressure-Side Pool Skimmers
  • Venturi Pool Skimmers

Benefits of Hiring Us We possess:

experience, and dedication – we use proven technology and efficient methods in the best way.


experience, and dedication – we use proven technology and efficient methods in the best way.
we respect your time.

Consistent schedule

we respect your time.
we meet your needs in record time.

Punctuality and timely response

we meet your needs in record time.

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We claim that regular skimming and surface cleaning are essential for maintaining the health and beauty of your pool. With the support of our professional pool technicians, you can enjoy a pristine swimming experience without the hassle of constant maintenance. Trust the experts and give us a call.